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K O Z H U H A R is a Ukrainian brand of fashionable leather accessories and clothing that skillfully experiments with shape and color. Each season we add special products for inspiration. All products are elegant in their simplicity, but at the same time catch the eye and attract attention.

The name of the brand -   is the last name of the designer Alina Kozhuhar, the love for leather crafts is the basis of the last name, which is why the story of the brand began with accessories in 2017 in Kyiv.

We choose only high-quality materials for our products. We adhere to the views of sustainable fashion and use stock leather to improve the circulation of raw materials, creating new beautiful products.

We had to close our showroom in Kyiv. Currently you can only buy all our products online, but we are in the process of writing a new story to create another beautiful space for our brand.


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